“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” – Mahatma Gandhi

MyWellnessManager is a cutting edge tool designed by a team of patients, doctors, and technology professionals to help people monitor their wellness. MyWellnessManager has a user-friendly interface to customize the app to fit your wellness needs, and provides a seamless interface to track, analyze and understand various facets of your health.  It supports people who are interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, improving their wellness, or those managing a chronic illnesses.  Users can customize to fit their personal needs.

MyWellnessManager provides a suite of optional tools to make wellness tracking easy and enjoyable.  Have an interesting observation about your health?  Log it in your Wellness Journal! Want to share your progress with family, friends, or your doctor?  Email them an Analysis Report of your Wellness!  Want to track your accomplishments over time?  Earn, view, and share Wellness Achievements!

MyWellnessManager supports up to six independent profiles (each may be password protected for privacy), so the entire family can manage their individual wellness together.  MyWellnessManager is not subsidized by advertising, so there are no annoying ads to deal with.  Also, your personal data is only stored on your local device, so absolutely no data is shared with third parties.

Let MyWellnessManager support you on your journey to be the happiest and healthiest you!

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